All four skin types should be cared for correctly to keep skin soft and supple and free from problems. The look and feel of your skin can affect the way you present yourself to others and even have an effect on your self-esteem.
There are a few common steps that will benefit each skin type. They include:

  • Apply sunscreen – Apply a sunscreen that’s broad spectrum and one that blocks out the harmful UVA and UVB sun’s rays.
  • Don’t smoke – Smoking dries and damages your skin and causes fine lines to appear around your mouth. Smoking has too many bad effects to list them all here! Just don’t smoke – period!
  • Always use hat and sunglass protection – Wear a hat and polaroid sunglasses to further protect yourself from the sun’s rays. Your eyes can be harmed from too much sun, and the fine skin around your eyes will dry out and increase the prevalence of lines and premature aging.
  • Wash your skin every day – Cleansing your skin gets rid of impurities and makeup residue. Your skin can’t breathe if it’s clogged up with dirt and grime. There will be dirt you can’t even see, so don’t assume it’s clean!
  • Apply moisturizer day and night – A good moisturizer for your skin type is essential to keep away lines and wrinkles. Apply a day cream and a night cream for maximum results.
  • Hydrate your skin and body – Drink water often. You would have heard a million times over to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. That’s because your body is made up of water and your skin needs water too! If you are dehydrated your skin will show it. Plump it up with water and see your skin glow.

Here is a test – pinch some skin between finger and thumb. When you release it the skin should quickly return to its normal position. If it holds the ‘pinched’ shape and normalizes slowly, you are possibly dehydrated.
As we age, we can become less aware of thirst triggers, so don’t wait until you feel thirsty. Train yourself to drink regularly, and not soft drink or coffee! The body needs water!

Fill it up with sodas and unhealthy drinks, and watch your skin ‘fizzle’. Your skin will show the negative effects sooner or later.

The steps above will provide benefits to all skin types. There are also actions that are more specific to each type. Knowing the different skin type characteristics and the proper way to care for each will help you get the maximum results for a radiant complexion – as free from imperfections as possible.